Shaping Digital Experiences for 18+ Years

With over two decades of experience as a UI/UX designer, I specialise in crafting user-friendly interfaces and elevating digital experiences. 

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  • User Feedback Sessions: Conducted extensive sessions with teachers to gather insights into their current platform experience, identifying pain points and usability issues.
  • Competitive Analysis: Studied similar educational platforms to understand successful design strategies and potential areas for improvement.
  • Task Analysis: Analyzed the specific tasks and workflows of teachers on the platform to streamline processes and identify opportunities for enhancement.


  • User Personas: Developed user personas based on the gathered insights, creating representative profiles of teachers to guide design decisions.
  • Usability Testing: Created prototypes to test design iterations, incorporating teacher feedback and synthesizing findings to refine the user interface.
  • Ideation Workshops: Collaborated with the development team in ideation sessions to generate creative solutions and innovative features based on synthesized user needs.


  • Interactive Prototypes: Implemented final design changes into interactive prototypes, ensuring a user-friendly and efficient platform for teachers.
  • Usability Metrics Analysis: Utilized usability metrics to assess the impact of the redesign, measuring improvements in speed, user satisfaction, and overall usability.
  • Iterative Design: Established an iterative design process, allowing for ongoing improvements based on user feedback and evolving educational needs.

Latest Work

As a Senior UI/UX designer, I had the opportunity to lead the redesign of the web platform, concurrently developing a comprehensive design system. Throughout this project, I applied my expertise to enhance the user interface and experience, ensuring a seamless and visually cohesive design.

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As a UI/UX Designer at Language Angels, I undertook a pivotal role in enhancing the educational technology landscape by spearheading the redesign of their platform. My focus centered on crafting a user-friendly experience tailored specifically for teachers, aiming to streamline workflows and boost efficiency.

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As a UI/UX designer at CognitionX, I played a pivotal role in shaping the organization's technological landscape by spearheading the design of their inaugural AI Research Platform Directory. Leveraging my expertise, I crafted an intuitive and visually compelling user interface, ensuring seamless navigation and a user-friendly experience.

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As a UI/UX Designer at MagNews, I assumed a critical role in transforming digital marketing experiences. Tasked with optimizing the user interface and experience, my challenges included navigating the intricate balance between aesthetic appeal and functionality.

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Web Design

Let's make your online space pop! I craft websites that not only look good but work like a dream. Get ready for a digital home that's as
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Interface Design (UI/UX)

I'm the wizard behind user-friendly interfaces! From the first click to a 'Wow!' moment, I design experiences that people love. Let's turn your ideas into an online adventure!

Graphic design and Print

Branding with a side of pizzazz! I whip up graphics that tell your story in style. From logos to visuals that grab attention, let's make your brand unforgettable!"

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